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Editors must take particular care when adding information about living persons to any Wikipedia page. We must get the article right. Be very bi incontri about the use of high-quality sources. All quotations bi incontri any material challenged or likely to be challenged must be supported by an inline citation to a reliable, published source. Contentious material about living persons or, in some cases, recently deceased that is unsourced or poorly sourced—whether the material is negative, positive, neutral, or just questionable—should be removed immediately and without waiting for discussion. Biographies of living persons "BLPs" must be written conservatively and with regard for the subject's privacy. Wikipedia is an encyclopedianot a tabloid: This policy applies to any living person mentioned in a BLP, whether or not that person is the subject of the article, and to material about living persons in other articles and on other pages, including talk pages. BLPs should be written responsibly, cautiously, and in a dispassionate tone, avoiding both understatement and overstatement. Articles should document in a non-partisan manner what reliable secondary sources have published about the subjects, and in some circumstances what the subjects have published about themselves. Summarize how actions and achievements are characterized by reliable sources but keep in mind that depictions of recent events may be unbalanced. Do not use controversial or effusive descriptions unless commonly used by reliable bi incontri. BLPs should not have trivia sections. Criticism and praise should be included if they can be sourced to reliable secondary sources, so long as the material is presented responsibly, conservatively, and in a disinterested tone. Do not give disproportionate space to particular viewpoints; the views of small minorities should not be included at all.

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Please do not bite the newcomers , a guideline, advises Wikipedia users to consider the obvious fact that new users of Wikipedia will do things wrong from time to time. Femdom bisexual strapon Part 1. In general, do not link to websites that contradict the spirit of this policy or violate the External links guideline. A harmful statement about a small group or organization comes closer to being a BLP problem than a similar statement about a larger group; and when the group is very small, it may be impossible to draw a distinction between the group and the individuals that make up the group. This page is referenced in the Wikipedia Glossary. Criticism and praise should be included if they can be sourced to reliable secondary sources, so long as the material is presented responsibly, conservatively, and in a disinterested tone. Sexy babe licked in the pussy while dude gets ass railed. Experience has shown that misusing Wikipedia to perpetuate legal, political, social, literary, scholarly, or other disputes is harmful to the subjects of biographical articles, to other parties in the dispute, and to Wikipedia itself. If an allegation or incident is noteworthy, relevant, and well documented, it belongs in the article—even if it is negative and the subject dislikes all mention of it. Wikipedia key policies and guidelines. Manning naming dispute , 16 October When writing about a person noteworthy only for one or two events, including every detail can lead to problems—even when the material is well sourced.

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