10 Best Mobiles Under 10000

In this article, we are going to look into 10 best mobiles under 10000 INR. These mobile phones are all reviewed from Amazon and we are just providing a list. All information is also taken from Amazon.

Moreover, this list is written according to the mobile’s ranking. We have not differentiated as per the price but as the ranking of the mobile. Therefore, you might notice that some mobiles are far less cheap than 10000 even though it comes under 10000 INR.

Here is a List of 10 Best Mobiles Under 10000

#1 RedMi Y2

This phone provides best value for money. It has exciting features. It also boasts some excellent specs that no other phone within this price range can afford.

Let’s take a look at the specs of this phone:

  • It has dual rear camera of 12 MP and 5 MP. The front camera is 16 MP
  • It has 6 inch HD display
  • Storages are 3GB RAM and 32 GB memory which can be expanded up to 256 GB
  • It comes with dual 4G SIM slot
  • It runs on Android 8.1 with 2 GHz of Octacore processor.
  • And the battery is 3080 mAH

This phone comes with fingerprint and face unlock. Battery life is overall good. The screen is very sensitive. The phone is large and all in all seems the best phone that 10k can buy.

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#2 Redmi 6A

This mobile is the best seller when it comes under 10000 price at Amazon. Here are some notable points and features of this mobile:

  • It has a dual 4G nano sim slot with SD card insert.
  • 2 GB RAM with 16 GB of internal memory which can be expanded up to 128 GB
  • It has several apps pre-installed
  • It has a 5.4 inch HD+ IPS screen
  • No trouble while reading in daylight
  • Android version 8.1
  • User Interface is easy and great
  • Camera is good: 13 MP rear and 5 MP front
  • Sound quality using earphones and speakers are good.

All in all, this is a great device if you are not looking to multi-task. It seems there are some hanging issues. If you need only for calling or to do WhatsApp then go for this.

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#3 Honor 7C

This phone is the second best seller on Amazon. Here are some of its features:

  • It has dual camera – 13MP + 2 MP and 8 MP of front camera
  • 3 GB RAM with 32 GB of internal storage. Expandable up to 256 GB
  • 6 inch HD screen.
  • Dual 4G SIM slot
  • Octacore processor
  • 3000 MAh battery which gives a talk time of 349 hours.

Though this phone boasts of amazing features it has some negative issues.

The camera quality isn’t good in low lights. Even the with dual rear camera pictures are average. In fact, images are better with Xiami or RedMi. But in outdoor conditions, the camera works flawlessly.

If your usage is heavy then battery lasts only for half a day.

However, with the huge screen gaming is excellent. There is no hanging and heating issues.

If you are a mild or occasional gamer and want an impressive phone, this could be the one.

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#4 RealMe 1

This phone has the best bang for its buck. Even the Indian Express while reviewing this phone mentioned that ‘It is hands down the best camera phone that lasts long the entire day in its price range’

Here are some specs of this amazing gadget:

  • 13 MP rear and 8 MP front camera
  • Dual 4G sim slots
  • 6 inch Full HD display
  • 4 GB RAM with 64 GB internal Storage. Expandable up to 256 GB
  • Android version 8.1 with Octa core processor
  • 3410 mAH battery providing 380 hours of idle time.

This is considered the best phone within this price range. This phone is an absolute beast when it comes to multitasking. This never heats up or lags. However, when you are playing games in high resolution this phone might lag or heat up.

If you are an avid gamer or a businessman who multitasks then this is the best budget phone for you. Give it a go.

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#5 Moto G5s Plus


This is a beast packed in 5.5 inch. It has some powerful features and specs that will blow your mind. Here we go:

  • The Moto G5s Plus has dual rear camera. Both are 13 MP.
  • It has an 8 MP front Camera
  • There is front flash
  • The coating of this phone is splash proof. When you spill water on this phone, the water runs off.
  • It has Dual 4G Sim
  • The fingerprint scanner unlocks the phone. Moreover, it is also used as a directional key.
  • It has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB of internal memory.
  • It has octacore processor.
  • The Battery is 3000 mAH along with 15 W of Turbocharging
  • It runs of Android version 7.1

Performance of this phone is top speed. Battery lasts up to a day. Camera is excellent. However, the best feature is turbocharging. You get a high amount of charge with lesser time. In short, this is the best mobile under 10000.

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#6 Moto E5 Plus

Moto E5 Plus is a bulky phone with good battery life that lasts even 2 or 3 days. This is the phone for those who are looking for a great battery.

Let’s look at the specs of this phone.

  • Dual rear camera both with 12 MP. Front camera being 5 MP
  • 3 GB RAM along with 32 GB internal storage. This is expandable up to 128 GB.
  • Dedicated slot for SD card
  • Android Version 8 with octacore processor
  • Battery is 5000 mAH along with 10 W of Turbocharging
  • The screen size is 6 inch

These are the basic specs of this phone. However, there seem to be several drawbacks with the phone. First, the processor is only 1.4GHz while at this price range others phones are loaded with 2 GHz. This makes this phone slower compared to others.

There are some other minor problems with sound and camera quality.

You will find a more detailed review on Amazon

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#7 Lenovo K8 Note


This is a killer phone. That’s what this phone is about. This phone is the most powerful phone within the price of 10k. With 10 core processor and a 4 GB RAM, you are about to have the most powerful device. You can game, watch videos and multitask all day.

Coming to the features of this phone

  • It has dual rear camera. One is 13 Mp while the other is 5 MPP
  • The front camera is 13 MP along with flash
  • It runs on Android version 7.1
  • Dual sim slot 4G+4G
  • It has a 4GB RAM and internal storage of 32 GB. You can expand it up to 128 GB
  • 2.3 GHz 10 core processor. Makes this phone lighting fast within its price range.
  • Battery is 4000 mAH and lasts up to 378 hours in standby mode.

Here’s the verdict. If you are looking for a powerful phone with good battery life then this is the one. Buy this one without second thoughts. And You will love it.

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#8 10.or G

This new phone is sweeping the market. Usually, this phone sells for more than 10k. However, recently it is being priced below 10K and hence it is under our list.

Let us look into the specs of this phone.

  • 10.or G has dual rear camera both being 13 MP
  • The front camera is a whopping 16 MP
  • 4 GB RAM along with 64 GB of storage which can be increased up to 128 GB
  • Screen is 5.5 inch with Full HD
  • The process is 2.2 GHz, octacore
  • Battery is 4000 mAH which gives 2 full days of idle time.

The specs are of course to be envied. However, since this is a new brand support is scarce. Therefore, it’s not recommendable with a push. But if you are someone who is adventurous and would like to try a new brand phone then this could be your thing.

Purchase at your own risk as you will have trouble with support (it will be improved in future)

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#9 Samsung Galaxy J2

An average phone in all aspect. This phone is the best average phone. Consider the camera, built quality, sound and everything else, it won’t disappoint you. Neither will it impress you. This is the best average phone under 10k and hence on the list.

Here are the specs:

  • It has a single autofocus rear camera with 8 MP and a flash. The front camera is 5 MP
  • Screen is 5inch and the pixels are 540×960 which isn’t even HD
  • It has Dual SIM one is 4G while the other 3G
  • 2 GB RAM with 16 GB internal memory. This can be expandable up to 256 GB
  • It runs on Android version 7.1 and the processor is 1.4 GHz, quad-core processor
  • Battery is 2600 mAH

As you can see this is a decent phone. You won’t have any trouble with it. This is best suited for pops and moms. Since this sells below 7k you can even gift to elderly people.

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#10 Vivo Y71i

Vivo is known for durability and long-lasting. Irrespective of how long you use, the phone simply won’t give up. And this phone seems to be the best to get your hands wet with Vivo brand.

The specs are

  • 6 inch HD+ screen
  • Rear 8MP camera gives an excellent shot. The front camera is 5 MP which also takes wonderful selfie shots
  • Dual nano sim slot both 4G
  • It has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB of storage. You can expand it up to 256 GB
  • It is a quadcore processor with 1.4 GHz. Don’t underestimate this metric. It can compete with several other octa-core processors.
  • Battery is 3360 mAH which lasts easily more than a day with regular use

This phone is best if you wish to enter the VIVO brand. However, some people have different opinions with their reviews.

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This is our list of best mobiles under 10000. If you think we missed any please do let us know in the comment section.