About Me

My name is Richie Richardson and I am a B.E Marine Graduate. I completed my Engineering in 2011 and from that time it has been downhill until I found a way to earn online.

I earn my entire income working as an affiliate marketer. Of course, I don’t make any money from this site (for now).

There are two reasons why I started this blog

First, I am really fed with those in-depth review articles that keep churning the same thing on and on. It’s okay to watch a lengthy video but trying to read an article is completely different.

Therefore, I decided to make a review website for mobiles which is short and up to the point. Like is this mobile good for camera or not. Who cares how pixels help in capturing the best image? Maybe you do but trust me most don’t.

My mobile reviews are no longer than 300 or 400 words.

Note: I don’t purchase any mobile and do a personal review. However, I read multiple reviews of the same product from authority sites and create my own short description of it.

The second reason is to make money. 😀

I can tell you more about myself like what I do when I shower or my wife annoys me most of the time. But you wouldn’t care much.

Hence, I am stopping my description of myself.