One Plus 6T Review

One Plus 6T is the talk of the town. Hence we decided to review it. No, we won’t talk about specifications. There are numerous sites you can get that info. We will dwell right into the review part.


Nothing has changed. It is the same look as One Plus 6.

A few minor changes you can notice instantly are:

  • 3.5mm jack is eliminated
  • Fingerprint sensor moved from the back to display’s bottom.


The screen hasn’t changed much either except for the increased 6.4 inch size from 6.1 inch in One Plus 6.

As we mentioned earlier fingerprint sensor is placed within the display like Vivo and Oppo. You also get the notch but you can hide if you want.

One major difference from its predecessor is customizable screen calibration. That’s all.


If you are upgrading from One Plus 6 you won’t notice any increased performance. However, if you are shifting from Samsung, Google Pixel or any other brand than you will come to appreciate the mobile’s performance speed.

Apart from┬áthat, you have a gaming mode. In this mode, your gaming experience won’t be hindered when message or emails come in. Instead, it will float on top of the screen using third-party apps.

Another feature worth mentioning is Smart Booster. This makes your apps run faster by 5 to 20%. Currently, this is limited to only gaming apps but will soon service other apps too.


It is the same as One Plus 6.


The battery has been increased for 400mAh compared to One Plus 6. This gives a screen time of 8 hours. However, it might differ for you.


If you already have a smartphone in the 30k range or if you own One Plus 6 then avoid this phone. However, if you are planning to enter the 30k+ segment for the first time then this is a definite go.